I am the owner of Jac Jewels - jeweler, designer, model maker, and shop photoagrapher

I was encouraged by friends and family who believed in me! They pushed me to take the leap and get my jewelry business up and running again! Years ago, after studying at FIT in their jewelry design program, then working full time for Jane Bohan - an award wining designer in NYC for about 5 year in total. I had tried venturing off on my own and had started Jac Jewel. I still worked for Jane as well, but from my home studio in Westchester, NY. I moved again, now to RI in 2000. Soon after this move the economy was at a low and Jane just didn't have enough work to contract out to me. This unfortunately led me to look for another job in the spring of 2001. Two years later I was expecting my first child. Jewelry making was just not at the top of my list anymore. I was enjoying my full time job as mom!
When both boys were in school full time and able to fend for themselves a little more, I knew I could now focus on building the jewelry business I always dreamed of owning. In the last few years I started off slow, making a piece or two. Then friends started admiring my jewelry and would ask if I could make them a ring or a necklace. This is where it all started - the push I needed to get Jac Jewels up and running again!
Now was the hard part, finding the confidence to show my work to the world. It took me the last year to really push myself and devote all my spare time to creating a line with enough pieces - where I felt I could go out and show it! This past spring that's exactly what I did! I went to a few local store and showed my work. I'm currently selling my work in two of the three shops I showed my work to - not a bad start! Then this July got my Etsy shop up and running as well! Its been a great experience so far - looking forward to the holiday season and what the New Year has in store for Jac Jewels!

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